For 16 years, I worked for the New York State Department of Social Services in Albany, New York, as a software developer. My actual title was Database Programmer Analyst, but I did all kinds of stuff, including mainframe applications, database design, and client/server applications using Visual Basic, Oracle databases, PowerBuilder, and other tools. DSS systems support delivery of benefits such as Aid to Families with Dependent Children, Home Relief, Food Stamps, Childrens' Services (foster care, adoption, child protective) and Medical Assistance to those in need in New York State.

From August 97 to May 99, I worked at Indus International, an enterprise software solution company for process industries and organizations. We created software on many different platforms to suit many needs, particularly those of companies and organizations with fixed costs that wish to maximize their effectivness through information management. I worked as an software engineer and architect, ensuring the delivery of our software, working on a variety of platforms including UNIX, MVS and Windows NT. Indus is a great company to be part of, and I immensely enjoyed myself there. Indus International, Inc.

Since May 99, I've been working as a Unix and Oracle developer for a large, well-known financial services company based in San Francisco. Due to SEC regulations, I'm not supposed to advertise it here on my site, but I can say it's the best company I've ever worked at, both in the opportunities and challenges I meet, and in the culture of the company and the excellent people I work with. I'm currently on several projects utilizing my Unix infrastructure experience, and most recently have learned Java and am incorporating the language into my projects where applicable.

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